Silvia and her job

A creative person’s inspiration always comes from reality.

silvia tassoni

In the case of Silvia Tassoni, this statement is much more true than ever: her inspiration is born by immortalising in a photograph the emotion that Nature is giving her in a specific moment and is developed through her loving gesture of reproducing this natural frame in painting.

This is a trick allowing Silvia to immerse herself completely into that emotion and to confront herself with it by reproducing it with faithfulness and devotion, making it eternal and rich in significance.

Later, it allows her to let herself go into producing more daring pieces of art, where her creative cue shifts from the emotion coming from reality to the description of her inner side, with no formal limits.

The observer is in both cases deeply involved into Silvia’s productions, most of all through the use of colour: the one reproducing the energy of natural creation and the more intense one, communicating the artist’s energy as a person.

With her own working style, Silvia reached a strong mastery of her creativity from the technical point of view, that she applies in the conception of themes for decoration in any shape: from ceramic coatings and floorings to textiles, from illustrations for publishing sector to wallpapers and finally to paintings, through which she also paid homage to her Emilian land, its landscape and its excellent products.

The harmony of the whole, which is at the center of Silvia Tassoni’s art, is bringing a benefit to those who are using it in shapes and daily items and this is in the end her own creative mission: being an interpreter of beauty and sharing it with everyone.

What I can do for you

Silvia Tassoni lives and works in Formigine near Modena, Italy.


She has a thirty-year long experience in graphic arts industry with following skills:

Research and development of hand and digital sketches for the production of Ceramics, Textiles, Knitwear, Promotional items

Graphic processing for digital and screen printing

Tile patterns for products and settings

Posters presentations for products with trend research

Consulting and study of customised solutions

Silvia’s wide Creativity